“I have a varied client base, each require tasks that are big, complicated, specialist, but also small, simple or time consuming that could be explained in a few instructions.

I did all of this myself in-house, unable to trust anyone else with my work, fearing a drop in quality. Originally doing EngVA’s website and marketing, I was intrigued and decided to try it out for myself.”

Graeme Lawson www.graemelawson.com

The Challenge

Graeme is an Internet Marketer, Copywriter and Consultant from Glasgow but travels the world, working with companies of all sizes across many industries. He has several clients that on a monthly basis need attention, with many different ever-evolving tasks.

Graeme was looking to:

  • Organise his entire workload and diary
  • Decrease his workload on simple but time consuming tasks
  • Increase his available time to do the tasks he specialises in
  • Take on work he would normally reject due to mistrust of outsourcing


The Solution

EngVA spoke with Graeme and took time to understand his business inside and out. Learning the inner workings of each service he provides and how they deliver value. Then, the exact processes he goes through with each client, from the beginning and on to his weekly work with each.

This was important as no two weeks are the same. Graeme’s ethos is finding out what works, unique to each client and doing more of that. He is constantly innovating and finding new ways to increase his client’s business, meaning EngVA has to understand everything in context from the beginning to where, and why it is moving.

Once the foundations were established; an organised work plan was created for existing work, ready to be updated as tasks are completed and new ones arrive.

This allows Graeme to focus more on his work and less on juggling his diary.

Graeme was able to unload all the work he deemed small, simple or time consuming to EngVA. What began as a few hours quickly became a monthly contract once Graeme saw the value and competence of our service.

The Result

“It’s one of the best business decisions I’ve made! I now pass all of my work on that doesn’t require my personal expertise. I simply send an email explaining the steps (or record a screencast if it requires a more intricate explanation) and I know with any text related work it is 100% accurate and Kerry is on the other end of the phone for any clarifications.

I add more tasks each time my business grows without the commitment and risk of taking on my own employee. This frees me up to do the work I enjoy, what I’m good at and I can have a greater focus on serving my clients.

EngVA absolutely pays for itself, my only regret is I wish I used them 5 years ago when I first started!”

Graeme Lawson www.graemelawson.com

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